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MIDO website accessibility

MIDO's commitment to web accessibility

We are committed to constantly improving the accessibility of our website, because we believe it is our moral duty to ensure a smooth, accessible and obstacle-free experience also for people with disabilities.
As a reference event for the optics sector, we are aware of the difficulties that browsing web content can present to users with disabilities, especially those who have vision problems or are visually impaired.
For this reason, we have implemented a customized solution on our site that offers users the possibility to choose alternative ways to access our content, in compliance with the main accessibility regulations.


The MIDO website implements the UserWay accessibility widget, a tool that allows the user to adapt the browsing experience of the site pages according to his own needs. Powered by a dedicated accessibility server, the software helps improving your site's compliance with web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG 2.1). The use of the widget is totally free for all users.

How to customize your browsing experience on

The UserWay widget on the website can be activated by clicking on the appropriate icon on the right of the screen on each page of the website, or via the CTRL+U keyboard shortcut.

Main accessibility features users can enable

Once widget command dashboard has been opened, the user can access a series of options that can be activated at will to change his browsing experience within the MIDO domain. We list them below:

Screen reader

Reads aloud all pages contents without having to install an external reader.


(WCAG 2.1 e WCAG 2.2, §3.1)
Allows to access dictionaries without having to leave the website. Indispensable for people with cognitive disabilities, who are not native English speakers and more.

Larger text

(WCAG 2.1 e WCAG 2.2, 1.4.4)
Allows to increase text size on the screen by offering four different increase levels, making every part of the website instantly more readable.


Sets a website's color depth to high, low, or grayscale.

Contrast +

Inverts the colors of a website or allows you to switch between light and dark contrast modes.

Smart contrast

Ensures that all site colors are fully ADA standards compliant, ensuring higher content visibility.

Highlight links

Highlights links, buttons and other interactive, clickable elements in light, high-contrast colors, making them easier to identify and facilitating site usability, browsing and overall accessibility.

Pause animations

Pauses contents that automatically move or update and are considered an accessibility barrier, interrupts animations and flashing content that are distracting and can trigger epileptic seizures in at-risk individuals.

Text spacing

(WCAG 2.1 e WCAG 2.2, 1.4.12)
Changes text and line spacing to improve readability for dyslexic and visually impaired users. It offers three degrees of adjustment for a personalized and more accessible reading experience.

Line height

(WCAG 2.1 e WCAG 2.2, 1.4.12)
Increases line height to ensure more comfortable spacing for all text in place.

Text align

Aligns website text left, right, or center to ensure a personalized, more accessible reading experience.

Dyslexia friendly

The dyslexia friendly UserWay font improves readability and offers an easier and smoother reading experience for visitors with dyslexia.

Large cursor

Increases standard cursor size by 400% so that the pointer is always visible. It allows for a faster, more accessible navigation through hyperlinks, tabs, and form elements.


Show alternative text and ARIA labels for items on screen with a simple mouse hover. Suggestions are clearly visible, high-contrast and easy to read for visually impaired users with accessibility needs.

Page structure

Quickly reveals page titles, reference points and links in a clear, structured, easily navigable and accessible way. Helps disabled and non-disabled users find the content they want faster.

Help us improving accessibility on our website

MIDO is constantly committed to improve and fix accessibility issues.
Despite our efforts to make all mido pages and contents fully accessible, some contents may still not have fully adapted to the strictest accessibility standards. This may be due to the lack of an appropriate technological solution we have not found out or identified yet.

If you experience difficulties using our website, you can report it by sending an email to We appreciate all constructive comments regarding our site's accessibility or usability and we will take any suggestions or comments seriously.