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BeStore Award

The award for the best optical centre in the world

BESTORE 2024 features two categories: BESTORE DESIGN and BESTORE INNOVATION. You are invited to apply to ONLY ONE category, by filling out the form and, where requested, by uploading the files needed to complete your application.
An international jury of industry managers, visual merchandisers, designers and design experts will choose the best store in each category.
Applications for 2024 are closed. Do not miss the Award Ceremony on Sunday 4th February, 3 pm, area Otticlub (Pavillion 1).


If the shopping experience in your optical centre is unmissable, it is also thanks to the attention paid to the layout, the materials chosen, the furnishings and the DESIGN.


If your optical centre is INNOVATIVE in customer service, interaction with suppliers, digital and traditional communication, but also in its history and human and emotional aspects.

The winners of the 2024 edition


LENETA - Concept Store Optique

LENETA has been chosen for brilliantly combining beauty, retro charm, contemporary aesthetics and responsible sales. The result gives life to a store with a warm, welcoming atmosphere, which tells stories and ancient times, but which at the same time tends to the future and an increasingly sustainable vision of the eyewear sector.


Ótica Maxivisão

Ótica Maxivisão is awarded both for the strong social commitment, both for the attention to environmental protection. We chose to give value to the courageous perspective of the company that has allowed many children and young people in difficulty to receive medical assistance, prescriptions, frames and lenses.