ENCHROMA Lenses for Low Vision and Age-Related Eye Conditions

EnChroma has brought out an Lx Series for Low Vision and Age-Related Eye Conditions, a completely new product line to address a rapidly growing category of visual challenges.
According to the company, the new Series is uniquely designed to support functional vision for people who have vision impairments. The features of the lenses include reducing the disabling effects of glare, improving contrast and enhancing colour vision.
“Until now, the low vision options available to patients have been limited,” says Mark Mattison-Shupnick, Master Optician and Vice President of Business Development for EnChroma. “EnChroma’s new offering for low vision features a unique spectral filter that reduces the intensity of white light while transmitting colours up to two times brighter than an average lens. A patient using the new lens will experience superior glare reduction and comfort, as well as enhanced colour and contrast, which can aid mobility and safety.”

Enchroma exhibits at Mido in Pavilion 6 – at Stand D18.


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