GIGI STUDIOS Parallel lines: the new focus on detail at the Spanish eyewear brand

Parallel Lines are one of the new features in the Gigi Studios collection, present in both sun and optical ranges. The delicate effect of the lines on the upper sections and on the temples are a unique focus of the stainless steel designs, Ruby, a slightly oversized silhouette with rounded edges, and models Wanda and Melvin. The three designs come in four colours which range from gold with a hand-painted rim in pink to matt black.
This season, Gigi Studios has released its latest campaign with photography by Teddy Iborra Wicksteed and featuring top models Dalianah Arekion and Francisco Henriques. The aim of the campaign is to call for reflection on taking care of the planet in images related to the consequences of climate change.

Gigi Studios will attend MIDO – Booth V03 V10, Pav. 4.


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