RUDY PROJECT Two new models added in optical range for sports

Widening the sport prescription choices in eyewear, Rudy Project launches two new products with state-of-the-art design and functionality.
The INKAS XL glasses propose a new shape conceived to deliver more coverage and correction options to prescription wearers. Developed from the standard Inkas platform, the XL version features larger chassis, deeper lens, advanced materials and smart correction options to offer maximum comfort and a wider correction range for sports and everyday life. The design features performance materials such as Kynetium, a sustainable aerospace-grade aluminum for maximum resistance, durability and sturdiness, and Grilamid TR 90.
OPTICAL DOCK 2 is based on one of Rudy Project’s most versatile and popular optical sport solutions, and aims to provide prescription wearers with ‘an even more integrated, elegant solution.’ Thanks to a seamless design and wider shape than the previous model, the new full rim optical interface combines style with versatility, expanding at the same time its prescription range for even higher corrections. The Optical Dock 2 is an easily RX-able 6-Base full rim clip in soft yet durable polymer, allowing any lens material to be mounted, including entry-level edging processes. The new shape offers a wider field of view and a broader range of prescriptions (either standard or progressive) allowing vision to be corrected even for higher and more complex corrections in a minimal and integrated package.


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