ULTRA LIMITED Brand launches online platform launches for opticians

Ultra Limited – the eyewear brand owned by 450 Srl – announces the launch of a new online platform designed to help opticians select and purchase frames.
Set to debut at MIDO, the platform will provide the company’s optician customers with a unique tool allowing them to view the exact frames available for purchase, as they will appear upon delivery. This is a major upgrade for the company and its operations because, until now, due to the random, unpredictable blend of colours that distinguishes each Ultra Limited frame, opticians interested in buying the product were only able to choose the shape and colour of the temples. Thanks to the new platform, opticians will have access to the warehouse and will be able to make precise, informed choices, aligned with the needs of their clients.
Tommaso Poltrone, Co-CEO/Marketing + Export Manager, said: “Ultra Limited was launched as a brand of artisan-crafted frames unique in their combinations of colours and this concept of uniqueness – and of unpredictability – this has become one of its key selling points. Only by understanding the importance of this level of originality it is possible to fully embrace the philosophy of our product. Many opticians ‘got it’ and adapted to our ‘partially blind’ purchase process. Nonetheless, over the years we realized that, especially overseas, it is not always easy to gain widespread acceptance of an order system so different from the traditional models; the new platform is a major step ahead and we are confident it will be a big boost to sales.”


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