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A new lens edger announced by the Italian company
Exhibitors MEI

A new lens edger announced by the Italian company

From the Italian machinery company MEI comes a new lens edger – the BispheraTBA Phoenix, designed for any kind of small and large-scale lab. The design aims to offer excellent throughput, flexibility and quality control capabilities and is the result of 15 years’ experience developing edging machines for labs.
According to MEI, the throughput of the BispheraTBA Phoenix is improved compared to that of the previous version and is based on two particular concepts. The system of two edging heads cutting two lenses at the same time has been improved with a second spindle on each head. Furthermore, with the double arm manipulator, loading and unloading operations can take place while edging is in progress without affecting the machine throughput. Other benefits include totally independent left and right heads which means it is possible to cut in parallel any jobs having two different lens shapes or to mark disparate logos on the lens with the engraving tools.