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Raen adds new Split-Finish Moab style for autumn/winter
Exhibitors Raen

Raen adds new Split-Finish Moab style for autumn/winter

Designed for a stylish and sophisticated customer, the new Split-Finish Moab by Raen breathes new life into one of the brand’s most popular Modern Classics. Split-Finish Moab Tortoise comes from the popular Moab Tortoise, but with a spin on colour using vibrant orange and amber highlights combined into a dynamic colorway. The acetate style incorporates a “Split-Finish” design, where a special technique is used, polishing all surfaces of the frame and then masking off the outer surface. After the stage of polish, the frames receive a matte finish in the areas which have been masked out. The company says that the final result adds a layer of depth, warmth, and nuance to some of the best-selling frames at Raen – which include models Remmy, Adin and Rune. The frames are then fitted with Green Polarized lenses for a look with unmistakable style and unmatched clarity, they say.