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Alfonso Lisi

Lisi & Bartolomei Optical Centre, Viterbo


President and Director of the Lisi & Bartolomei Group
Optician's Diploma and three-year Optometry Diploma, this year I turn 50!!!
Owner of 8 optical centres located in central Italy; Viterbo, Rome as well as Teramo and San Benedetto. I manage and direct the professional optometric area in our centres, I personally follow the agreements with suppliers (lac and ophthalmic first and foremost), as well as the commercial strategies to which much attention is dedicated, in order to make the value of our after-sales services, particularly appreciated by our customers, perceived.
We have always relied on active collaboration with the ophthalmic medical profession, with whom the exchange of information and opinions is constant and continuous, for the best possible result for the customer/patient. The results reward everyone involved.