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Antonio Mancinelli

Journalist, teacher and fashion essayist


A professional journalist, he was editor-in-chief of Marie Claire from 2005 until July 2021. He now collaborates with Repubblica, D - La Repubblica delle Donne, Amica,, Il Foglio and other online and offline publications. She started with Corriere della Sera. Subsequently, she wrote for various magazines and newspapers, from Vogue to Panorama, from Diario to Elle, to name but a few. He has written and hosted programmes on Radio Tre and published several books: of these, Fashion Box has been translated worldwide. February 2022 saw the publication of L'arte dello styling, written with Susanna Ausoni. Always attentive to fashion as a reflection of society and as a political device to explain cultural mutations, he has taught and still teaches at public and private universities, first and foremost the IULM and the Accademia di Costume e Moda, followed by the Politecnico di Milano, the Università Alma Studiorum di Bologna to the Polimoda in Florence, the Università Cattolica di Milano, the Domus Academy and the Marangoni in Milan. He was called by the Ministry of Culture to be part of the Fashion Commission as Italian cultural heritage. He has participated in the drafting of catalogues of important exhibitions. He still believes that the question is: "What can fashion do for us?" and not the other way around.