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Diego Dalla Palma

Beauty Expert and Writer


Diego Dalla Palma is an icon of the world of style, beauty and the Made in Italy image. An unusual and authoritative personality, he combines professionalism, competence, charisma and intensity in a mix that has made him the most respected Italian image author and one of the most prestigious experts in the sector at international level. 
In the past, he was a talented costume and set designer working in the most famous Italian theatres and for ten years at RAI. He later became a successful entrepreneur by founding a cosmetics line, distributed worldwide, that bears his name. 
For years, he has been writing successful books (fiction and topics related to image and beauty). 
He is also a popular television personality.  
Dalla Palma manages to maintain significant media power in all circumstances. He has edited and curates columns on image and interior themes. 
Today, Diego Dalla Palma is unanimously recognised as having an innate talent as a scrutiniser and explorer of souls. In fact, introspection, interiority, the values that enhance the spirit and give meaning to life have become a 'living' subject to which Diego Dalla Palma intends to devote, with passion, time and his near future.  
A keen investigator of the human spirit, he lives in the midst of nature at his home in the Veneto region, at the foot of the Euganean Hills, and very often in his beloved Lisbon.