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Gianfrancesco Maria Villani

Surgeon Specialist in Ophthalmology, with special interest in the fields of medical retina and low vision


Dr Gianfrancesco M. Villani is an ophthalmologist, graduated and specialised at the University of Rome 'La Sapienza'. His training took place both in Italy and abroad, including India, Sweden, USA.
He devotes much of his activity to the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with severe visual impairment, both congenital and acquired; in particular: retinal diseases, such as maculopathies, and optic nerve diseases, such as glaucomas. He deals with 'low vision' from both a care and scientific point of view, having devised new methods and tests for the functional assessment of low vision and for the visual rehabilitation of the visually impaired. He is the author of various publications in national and international scientific journals.