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Luisa Carla Redaelli

Communication Architect, Relational Psychologist


After graduating in Architecture out of love for harmonic geometries, I soon realised I was more involved in the geometries of the human soul and specialised in Relational Psychology. I carry out consultancy and courses at various Italian and European universities, I am involved in training, I participate as a speaker and moderator at conferences, with the desire to offer people, young people above all, insights that allow them to love life and look to the future with hope and trust, in the sign of kindness and collaboration. Honorary patroness of the CdL in Optics and Optometry at the University of Milan Bicocca, I support projects that can develop a sensitive social conscience. I do not wish to be present on the web or 'social', also out of discretion towards the people or institutions involved in my interventions. 
A thoroughbred Milanese, I chose to live between the lake and the woods, in the scent of roses and orange blossom.