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Roberto Pregliasco

Optometrist optician


Roberto Pregliasco is in charge of Optometry and Contactology at the "Ottica Pregliasco" Centres.  
A coach recognised by A.I.C.P (Associazione Italiana Coach Professionisti), he maintains interdisciplinary collaborations with experts in child neuropsychiatry, psychology and speech therapy, focusing on visual implications in reading and writing disorders. 
He works as a consultant for various companies in the sector and teaches in numerous personal and corporate training courses, as well as regularly collaborating with various specialised magazines. 
He has participated as a speaker at major National Conferences on Contactology and Optometry. 
He is co-author, together with Silvio Maffioletti and Letizia Ruggeri, of the book The Child and Reading Skills.  
He also invented the Clipsystem 
patent, an innovative system for trying on lenses before purchase.