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Silvia Tavazzi Tavazzi

President of the Didactic Coordination Council in Optics and Optometry, University of Milan Bicocca


ST is Full Professor of Applied Physics (to Cultural Heritage, Environment, Biology and Medicine) at the Department of Materials Science, University of Milano-Bicocca, she is Professor of the Degree Course in Optics and Optometry and, since 2023, she is President of the Didactic Coordination Council of the same Course, as well as, since 2015, member of the Steering Committee of the Centre for Research in Optics and Optometry (COMiB). After obtaining a degree in Physics and a PhD, he carried out research in the fields of optics and spectroscopy, materials for optoelectronic applications and optometry. This activity has led to the publication of 123 articles in international journals (Scopus update December 2023), as well as various research projects and technology transfer activities.