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Marcolin: first eyewear company within Altagamma

Marcolin: first eyewear company within Altagamma

Marcolin has joined Fondazione Altagamma, which has been gathering the best Italian cultural and creative enterprises since 1992.


Marcolin will be the only Altagamma member from the eyewear industry and will join the other 115 member companies, which include brands operating in a variety of sectors, such as fashion, design, jewelry, food, hospitality, automotive, yachts. Together, they account for over 10,000 years of history, with an average company lifespan of 90 years.


Altagamma: the mission

Altagamma’s mission is to promote the competitiveness of its Members, while contributing to the country’s economic growth. The Foundation gathers brands recognized globally as ambassadors of our lifestyle and – in line with other European associations – promotes one of the key industries both in Italy and Europe. The high-end industry is a symbol of our values and of our manufacturing excellence worldwide, as well as a sector where Italy is recognized as an undisputed leader internationally. The global luxury industry accounts for approximately 1500 billion euros and, according to Altagamma, is destined to continue to grow over the next years, regardless of economic uncertainty.