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Ray-Ban apre il suo primo store nel cuore di Firenze.

Ray-Ban apre il suo primo store nel cuore di Firenze.

In a historic context where ever-increasing uncertainty seems to the norm, the opening of the new Ray-Ban store in Florence intends to be an encouraging sign, a step towards a new normality.

The store is situated in a 19th century historic building in Via Calzaiuoli 44-52R.

Also with this store the Ray-Ban brand aims to identify with the host city by creating a concept that is also consistent with the values of the brand, that is distinctive and representative of the city itself.

The layout

The classical elements of the location have been enhanced in such a way that they interact as far as possible with the brand’s typical and most contemporary characteristics.

To achieve this objective, different types and seemingly strongly contrasting materials were combined and balanced to create the desired effect. Specifically, a typically classic material like red travertine marble, for example, was used together with cement and iron that have a more modern connotation.

On the walls a “distressed” finish was applied as if to give the impression of having removed what was left of previous interventions in order to restore the authenticity of the architecture and space.

The finishing touches are given by the original double vaulted and coffered ceilings, which have been restored and kept in their original form but revolutionised by using colours like grey and red, Ray-Ban’s corporate colour palette.

The Custom Lab


A unique area inside the store has been designed in a completely different way: the Custom Lab. An innovation from the point of view of the brand, a new addition that for the first time is part of the store concept.

Completely furnished with backlit decorative elements in calamine metal, it hosts the infinite possibilities for personalising eyewear.

A table in the middle of the room displays the entire range of components available and has been made “invisible” as if to leave the consumer completely immersed in the room.

The digital elements

Lastly, there is no lack of digital elements, powerful tools used by the brand to dynamically and interactively portray itself.

With cement flooring and classic gesso cornices, the brand has tried to adopt them like a second skin, to again create that feeling of consistency and integration with the building itself.

Living the experience

From 10:00 to 19:00, Monday to Sunday, the in-store experience can be lived in total safety and in observance of the preventive measures and procedures for sanitising environments and products.

The store and the new campaign can be followed on social media by using the official hashtag#YouAreOn #RayBanFirenze