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Silhouette celebrates Titan Minimal Art with a special project

Silhouette celebrates Titan Minimal Art with a special project

This year, Silhouette celebrates the iconic design of the Titan Minimal Art (TMA) with a special 25th anniversary project: designed for the next generation of visionaries, the famous model will be reinterpreted by students from Polimoda fashion school in Florence with a more visionary perspective, in harmony with the Austrian brand's DNA.


Revolutionary from the moment it was launched, the TMA remains to this day a rare and precious creative idea that is extremely minimalist and successful. This kind of collaborative project brings both protagonists to the level of international excellence and to the new generation of aspirational creatives. Reinterpreting the distinctive heritage of Silhouette and its innovation is the objective that the two partners have set themselves, as if to express the gravitational pull that has linked the Silhouette and Polimoda experience. “With this collaboration we are merging Silhouette’s iconic minimalism with cutting-edge creativity. Together, we are inspiring the next generation of designers to push boundaries, paving the way for a visionary revolution in eyewear”, explains Michael Schmied, member of the founding family and current CMO.


The details of the project

The lightness of the iconic Titan Minimal Art, weighing just 0.07 ounces, thus almost weightless, is the starting point for Silhouette and the landing place for the students' exploration. The objective given to the students was to make them work on the intrinsic energy of a timeless, rimless model, without hinges or screws, contributing to the natural evolution of a cult object.

After an in-depth journey into the art of creating eyewear, students in the 4th year of the Undergraduate Course in Fashion Design will conclude their course by learning how to transform a visual concept into a tangible product, which will find its ultimate expression in the final project and Polimoda Graduation Show in June during Pitti Uomo in Florence. The Silhouette eyewear that challenged the world of optics 25 years ago will now be faced with new stimuli, brought by the new generation of visionaries, who are preparing to revolutionize the future of eyewear

design as well.

The Undergraduate in Fashion Business course will then offer a second focus for the collaboration between Silhouette and Polimoda. This is where students will have the opportunity to apply the theoretical lessons learned through the school to a potentially more concrete project.

Students were tasked with imagining a series of activities through which they could live a real brand experience: eye-catching pop-up stores leading to a possible flagship store and window installations that would increase store traffic.


This cooperation is a first step for the future of the Made in Austria eyewear brand, whose expertise is increasingly linked to that of one of the most important Made in Italy production areas, represented here by Polimoda, the incubator of future generations of designers.