NEUBAU, SUSTAINABILITY TRENDS Austrian company announces their new bio-based material

Neubau eyewear, a young brand owned by Silhouette International group with a sustainable agenda, has announced a new material described as 100% bio-based and derived from an oil extracted from the seeds of the castor oil plant. The material, which is 3D printed, will be used in their collections in 2020, with the initial launch of four ophthalmic frames and three sunglasses, and a special edition 2020, available in April.
Eyewear production using 3D printing is described by the Austrian label as “a real success story” in their collections. The high-tech production is resource-efficient because layers of powdered plastic are fused together using a laser and all residual material can be reused. To date, the brand has launched several models with 3D applications in combination with other materials and is well known for its naturalPX material, an injection moulded polymer with 65% castor oil. The introduction of the natural3D styles for 2020 represents a new step forward for the sustainable direction of the brand.

Neubau eyewear will preview its new styles at MIDO 2020 – Booth K11 L14, Pav. 4.


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