YUICHI TOYAMA Experiments in pure design

YUICHI TOYAMA, the Japanese designer, has presented distinctive and unique eyewear collections for 2021, offering pure Japanese design with structural aesthetics. The ranges include the Confine Collection, characterized by hybrid frames combining the volume of acetate and the lightness of metal. With a soft, harmonious color palette, the Confine Collection also offers subtle metal details in its “effortless” balanced design style.
YUICHI TOYAMA is both a brand and a person. He works from a philosophy of merging traditional skills with innovative design. With a particularly Japanese approach in his eyewear, Toyama isn’t afraid to combine opposites to emphasize the simple elegance and timeless beauty of eyewear as an everyday object. The frames are designed according to five guiding principles: Look, Think, Draw, Make, Break. Working this way, Toyama creates designs that are consistently unique and consciously aware of the customer for whom he creates. In the 7Double Lens Collection, working together with a specialist lens manufacturer, YUICHI TOYAMA developed a revolutionary approach to color combinations, enabling a two-tone depth effect on a totally flat lens.


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