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Francesco Tomasello

Color expert, VP Global Sales & Marketing Pantone


Francesco Tomasello carries out higher studies at the Tullio Buzzi Institute and the University of Florence, obtaining a diploma in "Textile and Coloristic Chemistry" and Master of Science in "Chemistry of Coloring Materials".
He entered the world of work as an employee of the color formulation laboratory at a textile company in Prato.
In the 1980s, he joined one of the first Italian companies, Orintex Srl, which developed software and electronic applications for color management and color matching applied to industry.
Within Orintex, he deals with product development for new sectors such as Paints for the automotive and construction sectors and manages customer training on the basis of color.
In the early 90's he founded, together with some colleagues, the "Talia Tecnoequipe" company that developed machinery for the textile, tanning and paint industry.
In 1998 the company was acquired by the Swiss multinational Grateg Macbeth.
Within the international reality, Francesco covers various roles, moving on, developing and marketing Color management solutions for textiles, and moving from sales and marketing manager in Italy to sales and market manager in Europe.
Within Gretag Macbeth, an innovative company in the field of color measuring instruments in printing and graphic art, in the field of "Lights and Illuminates" standardized, as well as owner of the "Munsell"; Francesco acquires and completes training in industrial color applications by participating in various courses on applied color theory.
Participate by actively collaborating in the preparation of the Munsell course called "Fundamentals of Color"
Following the merging between Gretag Macbeth and X-Rite in 2006 Francesco will cover the role of VP Sales and Marketing for Europe, Middle East & Africa) 
In 2013 he took part in the integration of Pantone, which had just been acquired by the X-Rite Group for the European organization.
Initiate as part of the R&D team the X-Rite “ Color Appearance “ solutions development .
Because of his long experience in the field , Francesco has been recognized as a Italian Expert on Colorimetry and Applied Colorimetry .
Participates, in collaboration in the commercial development of new products in Pantone -Munsell such as the new Pantone Connect platform and new Pantone digital and physical products generation .
Since 2017 he has taken the position of VP Global Sales & Marketing for Pantone LLC.
Actively participating with Pantone Color Institute in the Trend and Custom Colors Consultancy service program.