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MIDO 2024: opticians join forces with eye doctors to provide the most appropriate treatment to patients

MIDO 2024: opticians join forces with eye doctors to provide the most appropriate treatment to patients

Day 2 ended with a very important round table for the entire industry, "Presbyopia and Multifocal Lens Prescription: the patient's ideal path from the eye doctor to the optical center and back." 


The meeting, promoted by ANFAO Lens Group, Federottica and Fabiano Gruppo Editoriale, produced an ad-hoc joint document. One year after the conference organized at MIDO 2023, physicians, optometrists and the eyewear industry gathered with the aim to promote dialogue to effectively use the latest technologies, in a future vision that respects the roles of the different eyewear industry professionals.

More specifically, a very constructive dialogue was established today for the first time, in an atmosphere of cooperation between the two sectors. The development program that was presented offers ophthalmologists the opportunity to give suggestions to opticians, through a new prescription based on additional information that will be provided to eye doctors on the solutions available on the market, and with the patient consent and in the event of specific situations requiring medical intervention, opticians can in turn send the prescription to ophthalmologists who would then examine the conditions on the basis of  relevant background information.

Conducted by Nicola Di Lernia (Optics Influexpert) and Michela Vuga (Health Science Journalist), the roundtable saw the participation of prestigious speakers: Teresio Avitabile (President of the  Italian Society of Ophthalmological Sciences - S.I.S.O. ), Paolo Nucci (President of the Italian Society of Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus - SIOPS), Francesco Bandello (President of the Society of University Ophthalmologists), Leonardo Mastropasqua (National President of the Society of University Ophthalmologists - SOU), Andrea Afragoli (President Federottica), Massimo Barberis (President ANFAO Lens Group), Andrea Milletti (President ASSOTTICA Contact Lens Group), Romolo Protti (Vice President Italian Association of Ophthalmic Physicians - AIMO), Francesco Loperfido (Head of General Ophthalmology Services, San Raffaele Hospital Milan), Danilo Mazzacane (Secretary Free Ambulatory Ophthalmologists Group - GOAL), Daniele Petrini (Optometrist) and Roberto Pregliasco (Optometrist).

The round table ended with the commitment by all attendees to continue along this path and an invitation to all those (ophthalmologists and optometrists) who agreed to do so, to get actively involved.