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Elena Salmistraro pays tribute to Cini Boeri

Elena Salmistraro pays tribute to Cini Boeri

The "Most Illustrious" family, born from the cooperation between Bosa and Elena Salmistraro as an homage to the great masters of Italian design, welcomes Cini Boeri during the year of the 100th anniversary of her birth.


After Achille Castiglioni, Riccardo Dalisi, Michele De Lucchi e Alessandro Mendini, now it's the time for an important female figure that is being represented through a blend of her physical traits and her most known designs.


Elena Salmistraro's reintepretation conveys the universe of Cini Boeri, portrayed with her signature haircut and scarf around her neck: her body shape is designed by borrowing the three-dimentional elements of her most iconic designs: the Serpentone sofa and the Botolo armchair, mixed with fabric textures that characterized her language.

The three-dimensional image is defined by fluid and elegant curves that were chosen to represent the avant-garde vision of this star of Italian architecture and design, one of the few women of those times, with the aim to transmit every detail of her vitality.


The "Most Illustrious" figurines are totemic collector's items that summarize the designers' physical traits and the pieces that made them famous, to underline the unique relation that is born between the project and its creator. The sculptures are produced by Bosa with ceramics, defined by three-dimensional textures and finely enriched by coloured glazes.