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Marchon Italia obtains gender quality certification

Marchon Italia obtains gender quality certification

Marchon Italia has achieved the gender equality certification according to the international standard Uni/Pdr 125:2022, confirmed after a rigorous evaluation process conducted by Bureau Veritas, the world leader in inspection, conformity assessment and certification services.


This certification marks an important milestone for the group; it is not just recognition, but tangible proof of the company's ongoing dedication to promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion. And it is this determination that reflects Marchon Italia's vision as a pioneering company, driven by an inclusive culture and a deep sense of responsibility towards the well-being of its employees.


The assessment was based on six key indicators: from HR processes to gender pay equity, from parenting support programs to corporate culture and inclusion strategy. The company exceeded the required targets on each indicator, thanks in part to the numerous initiatives implemented to promote the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Prominent among these initiatives are:

-Smart working policies (up to three days a week) and the right to 'disconnect' to ensure work-life balance.

-Flexible working hours and part-time contracts that take individual needs into account.

-Benefit days ('day for you', care giver days, volunteer activities) and psychological support for employees and family members.

-Welfare programs linked to the performance bonus to optimize work-life balance.

-Training program dedicated to DE&I challenges launched by VSP in 2023 linked to equity and inclusion.

"Embracing all differences and creating new opportunities together is the basis of our growth strategy and represents a competitive advantage for us. Today in Marchon Italia, 67% of the employees are female and more than half of the managers are women. Weare very proud to have obtained the certification, which is a path we have been following for years, and which we want to continue with many initiatives. Among these, for example, our strategic plan is to reinforce support for new mothers and new fathers with dedicated on-boarding programs to accompany their return to the company".says Barbara Salimbeni, Managing Director of Marchon Italia.


Marchon and the project “Empowering Optical Women Leadership”

Through an Anfao-sponsored initiative at the end of last year, the group educated executives and managers, on topics such as inclusive leadership and language, women's empowerment, and gender bias mitigation, maintaining a leading role in promoting gender inclusion and equity, both nationally and internationally. Barbara Salimbeni, as Board Member of Anfao General Council and Managing Director of Marchon Italy, led the project “Empowering Optical Women Leadership”, a program that marks a significant milestone in the optical industry in Italy, aimed to support female managers on their path to leadership through training, promotion and networking.