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Passion, style and taste: a conversation with Ernst Knam

Passion, style and taste: a conversation with Ernst Knam

60 minutes to take the pulse of future trends: today, passion, style and taste were at the heart of the last MIDday TALKS with an extraordinary guest, Chef and Maître Chocolatier Ernst Knam, who creates products that are minimalist works of art, appreciated by a community of true fans who consider taste and the pleasures of the palate almost a religion of-the-people.


According to Knam, even in the world of taste, the topic of artisanal intelligence, raises a need to return to the roots, to simplicity. And also, the ability to bring together the creative and artisanal aspects through experimentation and exploration. Experimentation is truly one of the catchwords, especially in raw materials – natural materials supported by skill and manual sensitivity, then transformed by innovation and technology.


Also of key importance is travel culture, the worldly sophistication and knowledge of the entire supply chain, in the field of taste as in that of eyewear.


New roles of eyewear also came to light in the conversation – symbol of recognizability, element of play, an object that tells a story and a “pillar of identity” that belongs to our most expressive possession: the face.


And, finally, the Maître Chocolatier also revealed to Francesco Morace his great passion for eyewear, of which he is the proud owner of more than 250 pairs – no longer a simple accessory but an essential object with its own identity, that Knam purchases, wears and collects.