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The new patented hinge by Morel

The new patented hinge by Morel

Morel cultivates know-how and expertise in the design of its eyewear, leveraging 140 years of experience. Crafted for comfort and developed in-house, a unique hinge system is at heart of this mastery: the Morel hinge.


No screws, no soldering

By taking full advantage of the properties of stainless steel, this patented hinge eliminates the need for screws and soldering to make the metal spring on its own. Natural elasticity and strength ensure a perfectly smooth and reliable movement.

The hinge’s ideal design also provides over-aperture and wide latitude for adjusting the pantoscopic angle, allowing the frame to adapt to all faces. Without screws, the hinges won't loosen over time and don't require regular maintenance.


Visual signature

With a sleek design and distinctive linework on the temple, the hinge can also become a design element.