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The Velvet of Italia Independent is back (with MODO)

The Velvet of Italia Independent is back (with MODO)

The first collection of Italia Independent in the MODO Group's orbit sees the creative direction of Lapo Elkann, that together with the MODO team has taken up the models that have defined Italia Independent's non-conformist style over the years, reinterpreting their DNA according to the MODO Eyewear style and introducing a series of brand new frames.


Among the most representative models taken from the brand archive is Azzurro, a unisex model revisited in a contemporary key in terms of style and technical content and declined in many colors and finishings.

The most iconic finishing that contributed to building a brand of great value could not but be part of this first collection: Velvet.


With a substantial upgrade in quality and finish according to the Modo style, Azzurro in velvet presents unexpected details, such as the temples in acetate with a metal core customised with a pattern taken from the logo. This confirms that craftmanship together with Made in Italy are founding elements of the brand.


Azzurro Velvet is available in traditional colours such as Black and Blue, flanked by brightest shades such as Blue Garage (Lapo Blue) and fluorescent colours (Green, Pink).