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Waiting for MIDO 2024: T Henri

Waiting for MIDO 2024: T Henri

From 3 to 5 February 2024, all eyes will be on MIDO, the world leader in eyewear trade shows. For three days, stakeholders from all five continents will meet in Fieramilano Rho to discover the companies which represent the entire supply chain of the eyewear industry, in an international setting.

WMIDO is allowing some of the MIDO 2024 exhibiters to voice their opinions. Today’s interview is with Tyler Henri, Designer and Creative Director.


Sustainability is undoubtedly another theme of extreme activity, born out of the needs to elevate the scope of business realities to contemplate a better future for all. This issue is also very much felt by MIDO, which in addition to being engaged in the forefront as an organization, has created ad hoc awards: The CSE Award – Certified Sustainable Eyewear, which evaluates the sustainability of eyewear products internationally, and Stand Up for Green – designed for stands that stand out for their attention to the environment.

How does your company approach this issue? What activities do you carry out to support the future of the planet?

At T Henri, we strive to create a brand that makes a strong impact in the world not only by continuously disrupting the eyewear industry with our unique designs and manufacturing capabilities but also by keeping sustainability and ethical practices top of mind. The main material used in our acetate frames is Japanese acetate made from cotton. This material is not only sustainable as it is 100% cotton-based but also hypoallergenic to the skin. As a luxury brand, we dedicate significant time to paying attention to every single detail. We also utilize 4a titanium for all of our metal components, which we believe to be the longest lasting metal due to strength and superior corrosion resistance. Titanium although super lightweight also has a higher strength to weight ratio than steel so it can last longer by standing the test of time.

Our limited-edition collections are crafted for that special group of people who treasure quality and unique eyewear. With that being said, since we only produce small batches, T Henri ensures there is no waste of product or materials, ultimately prioritizing sustainability and the integrity of the planet.


Young people are our future, we were also talking about this earlier in the area of sustainability. Being close to them and responding to their needs is not always easy. MIDO, in this sense, always tries tot keep up with the times and experiment: it was the first fair in the sector to have a digital magazine, to use a dedicated app, the first to create a digital platform to respond immediately to the COVID Crisis. In 2024 she was also the first in the industry to create a communication campaign using AI. How does you company try to reach younger people?

We are a young brand, I started T Henri 5 years ago inspired by wanting to fill a niche I saw in the eyewear market. I come from an exotic automotive background, working with both high net worth collectors and the most unique exotic vehicles available, selling brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Koenigsegg, etc.. I slowly started seeing how my customers who appreciated the most unique and luxurious things ever created, had knowledge about cars, watches and luxury accessories, but were wearing eyewear brands that were massed produced, and didn’t match what they stood for, which was unique high quality rare items. That realization lit a fire in me to change things up. Our T Henri team is just like the brand – young and crazy passionate about what we're doing. Our brand mirrors our youthful, energetic, and passionate personalities relating not necessarily with young people as you say, but anyone who sees themselves as a youthful, passionate and disruptive person.


A “hot” topic in 2023 is the increasing use of AI. MIDO also used it in support of human creativity to create the industry’s first communication campaign. What is your stance toward this issue?

AI is a great tool and at T Henri we value it and use it internally to support our team. The creativity and uniqueness behind T Henri comes from my passion to create timeless treasures and to translate my inspiration into the most unique pieces of eyewear ever created. All of our designs starts with just my pencil and a sketch pad, very old school, but full of heritage and tradition.


What are the iconic elements of your luxury eyewear?

As mentioned before, numerous elements inspire me to create each frame. I would say the iconic elements of T Henri are the inspiration behind every frame, the unique design features, the materials used, and the willingness to push the limits by creating pieces with materials never seen before, along with construction capabilities that have never been showcased in any other eyewear piece created by other brands. T HENRI's heritage and inspiration come from studying the most exotic automobile design and the ennobling features produced by the world's best exotic automotive brands. Each style embodies the spirit of the exotic vehicle from which its name originates and a personality is born. The elements from these vehicles that I use as inspiration and translate into each frame include captivating lines, unparalleled attention to detail, complexity, and speed. I am committed to continuing to disrupt the eyewear industry by designing the most unique pieces of eyewear ever seen before. At MIDO, we will be releasing new styles that will further expand our core collection. We are also presenting some unique specialty frames and our jaw-dropping new Hyperlux collection, promising to be out of this world—truly pieces showcasing innovative manufacturing techinques never seen before, including elements found beyond this earth. You will have to visit us at our booth at MIDO to see it!