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Eco Eyewear opts for recycled metal

Eco Eyewear opts for recycled metal

For its A/W 2023/24 collection, Eco Eyewear has created two new models - Oleander and Chia - in recycled metal, each with magnetic clip-on sunglass lenses in bio-based material derived from castor seed oil.

Why use recycled metal?

The company opted for this material for three reasons:

  1. The frames are just as long-lasting and strong as those made with new metal. They withstand daily use well and offer reliable support to lenses.
  2. Recycled metal allows a creative and innovative design.
  3. The production of metal from recycled materials requires significantly less energy consumption than the production of new materials. Recycled metal can help save energy and reduce carbon emissions. 

The models

Oleander is a square frame model with an eyecatching retro look thanks to the shiny metal detail that brightens up the bridge, temples and tips.

Chia offers a pentagonal geometric shape with soft contours and rounded-off corners.

Both sustainable models feature the colour gold, playing with metallic finish effects.