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The first 10 years of INVU by Swiss Eyewear Group

The first 10 years of INVU by Swiss Eyewear Group

This year, INVU by Swiss Eyewear Group celebrates its first decade. The brand was created as a shared dream of five eyewear professionals, and has grown to become a global company operating in over 95 countries with more than 45,000 retail stores.

The INVU mission

The brand was introduced into the market with a clear goal of becoming a global brand of new generation polarised sunglasses. This objective is guided by a constant commitment to cutting edge lenses and materials. What further distinguishes the brand is its value creation strategy: Swiss Eyewear Group actively invests in new technologies and offers its innovative products at an affordable price for consumers worldwide. Each model of glasses is designed and planned in the Zurich headquarters in Switzerland, before being meticulously brought to life.

The company culture, according to Jerry Dreifuss, CEO of Swiss Eyewear Group

“Total attention to the product and customer is part of our genetic makeup”. This encourages collaboration and the sharing of ideas, promoting a dynamic environment which stimulates creativity and product innovation for our INVU customers”.

The economic results

Swiss Eyewear Group has recorded a double-digit million turnover, with over 20 million pairs of glasses sold.

The future of Swiss Eyewear Group

The next steps for the future of Swiss Eyewear Group are marked by a combination of strategic expansion, the development of innovative products and a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. From a commercial point of view, there are upside opportunities in central and south America, as well as dynamic Asian markets. Another fundamental step is the extension of the successful product range, such as the eyewear frames and INVU magnetic clip-on lenses. The perfect blend of functionalism and fashion in these new proposals has been warmly welcomed by opticians.