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Mykita’s vision of sustainability.

Mykita’s vision of sustainability.

Intelligent and targeted design: this is the starting point of sustainability according to Mykita. At the junction between health and lifestyle, the German brand has set its goal of offering the best vision and protection with resistant glasses made with sustainable materials.

Mykita claims to be the first company in the eyewear sector to have completely replaced its supply of acetate material with the sustainable Acetate Renew by Eastman. Indistinguishable from traditional acetate in terms of look, touch or performance, this new material is made mainly from bio-based cellulose combined with ISCC recycled waste products. Using a revolutionary technology for its production, Eastman can substitute traditional fossil resources with plastic waste that is difficult to recycle, thus reducing greenhouse gases by up to 30% per frame as compared with the traditional production process.

Mykita Acetate

Launched in June 2022, Mykita Acetate brings the ethics of responsible design of the brand into a variety of styles that range from pure and serious to bold and confident.

The clearly visible interaction between hi-tech functional elements and the tactile material of Acetate Renew is at the root of this collection. This key concept is adapted in various design styles, from purist (emphasising the structure beneath) to solid frames, focused on molded quality and vibrant surfaces in bespoke acetates.