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Retail becomes personalised

Retail becomes personalised

Kiton has entrusted Studio B+Architects with the concept of the new flagship store in the famous Cheongdam-dong Luxury Fashion Street in Seoul, the beating heart of shopping. The first thing one notices in the striking external façade, an element of great visual impact. Majestic and over 24 metres high, it is covered with metal mesh, consisting of anodised aluminum in two different shades of bronze, with a weave pattern. A special backlight gives the façade a vibrant effect that changes with natural light.

The shop boasts spacious and bright spaces that cover 350 square metres, spread out on two levels.
The atmosphere that welcomes the visitor inside is inspired by a linear design, which combines clean shapes and neutral colours with soft finishes. The Seoul boutique recalls the creative world of Kiton through a wide range of materials, which interact with the furnishing elements.

The material palette consists of textured fabrics, small touches of canaletto walnut wood with a special matte finish, metals with particular nickel tones and Tai Ping carpets in anthracite wool custom made for the store. Many of the fabrics used are those that the brand usually inserts inside the jackets, too precious not to be included as a customised furnishing element.
The furnishings have been entirely designed by B+Architects who, as always, follow the construction in close collaboration with expert craftsmen.
On both floors there are lounge areas furnished with chairs made exclusively for Kiton.

On the ground floor, a pleasant green corner opens outwards and expands the boutique with a furnished and personalised outdoor area; on the upper floor, the VIP room overlooks the outside with a large panoramic window that creates a true connection with the city.