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The Centro Style projects to celebrate World Ocean Day

The Centro Style projects to celebrate World Ocean Day

Today, 8 June, is World Ocean Day: an event created to raise awareness in people and organisations on the importance of protecting the ocean. For Neyeture, the Centro Style brand that places a strong focus on the choice of materials used in its collections, and Blue Eco Line, the Florence start-up committed to combatting plastic pollution of rivers, this year involves celebrating a great achievement.

After two years of partnership (2021-22) where, with the sales of Neyeture frames with clip-ons in optician stores worldwide, Centro Style has sponsored the River Cleaner project of Blue Eco Line: in 2023 they celebrate the establishment of the first automated plant, run on energy from renewable sources, to collect plastic waste from the rivers at Grosseto.

The plant will be able to collect up to 25,000 kg of plastic every day, preventing it from being dumped in the sea and breaking up into microplastics, thereby helping protect the environment. This is a real solution to plastic pollution in rivers, the main cause of similar pollution of the seas and oceans. A shared wish to restore the natural environment, salvaging floating plastic waste and returning it to the recycling system, offers the opportunity to resolve a problem by giving plastic a second life.

To celebrate this great achievement, the World’s Ocean Day capsule collection has been created: two frames in Rilsan (a bio-based polyamide, 45% derived from castor oil) with a magnetic clip-on in the colours of the ocean. To round off the project: the coordinated microfibre made of PET bottles (70%), the glasses pouch made in rPET (100%) and the magnetic clip-on case made in Rilsan (35%), the same biobased material as the frames.

Each set includes a flyer produced in sustainable paper made from excess algae of at-risk lagoon environments together with FSC fibre bearing the Impact Zero brand of LifeGate, as with the rest of Neyeture’s packaging.