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Diego Dalla Palma's Imperfect Beauty

Diego Dalla Palma's Imperfect Beauty

MIDday TALKS are one of the brand new features of MIDO: every day at 12 noon, sociologist Francesco Morace of Future Concept Lab will talk about Beauty, Design and Passion with distinguished guests, known by the public at large!


The key topic of the first conference, dealt with by the beauty expert and writer Diego Dalla Palma was Imperfect Beauty.


Be You But Better is the motto that emerges from the latest trends: in world characterized by uncertainty and a high volatility, we start again from our uniqueness, from an unconventional idea of beauty, more linked to our personal perception and to the best version of ourselves - a direction social media are also heading to.


Improvement without deception, which does not undermine a sustainable vision: and the world of beauty is perfectly in keeping with this new philosophy, through glowing skin, eye brilliance and no "masquerade makeup" or plastic surgery that distorts facial features.


Diego Dalla Palma, a reference point in the world of beauty and cosmetics, has always applied this approach, so much so that he created a theatrical performance with the title “Bellezza Imperfetta. Tra vacche e stelle." The relationship between frames and faces and very useful make-up tips and tricks and face treatments for glasses wearers.