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bestore innovation

Classic Vision is the winner of the BESTORE INNOVATION Award.

May 23 2022

BESTORE is the competition held by MIDO to select the best eyewear stores worldwide. There are two award categories: BESTORE DESIGN, for stores which stand out in terms of how the lay-out, materials, design, furnishing and general atmosphere contribute to a must-try shopping experience, and BESTORE INNOVATION which evaluates all aspects linked to customer service, interaction with customers and suppliers, communication management, the history of the retail store and its professional, human and emotional aspects.
An international judging panel (comprising industry entrepreneurs, visual merchandisers, design experts and designers) has the difficult task of choosing the very best in these two categories.

These are flanked by the award YOUR BESTORE, in its second edition this year, a title which goes to the eyewear store which has received the greatest number of ‘likes’ on the digital platform of MIDO 2022 | Digital Edition.

Today we meet  Classic Vision of Mumbai, India, winner of the BESTORE INNOVATION.

What do you think of the Bestore Award?

The Bestore Award is the most prestigious award that can be given to only the best eyewear store in the world.

What prompted you to apply?

We are winners of many prestigious awards in India and have been ranked and awarded as the Best Eyewear Store in India for the past four consecutive years. The services that we provide are so comprehensive and many of them are exclusive to us in Asia. Also we believe in inclusiveness and we genuinely feel like we are a cut above all others in our customer services. This is one of the reasons we applied for the Bestore Innovation Award.

But more than anything else, it was to show the world how a store in India truly differs from all the others in the world and to mark India's name in the eyewear world map.

What motivated you to create a shop where innovation plays a key role?

It was a very long and detailed planning process by our owner Chetan Dedhia before we finally revamped into our new store four years ago. We are a store that always thinks of what new and better we can offer our customers since the range of our customers is so huge. Right from street hawkers to the richest politicians and businessmen, from age 2 days to 100+ years, we serve people from varied occupations having different optical needs. That is why we decided to use all possible technologies we could to make our store the best in the world and a one-stop eyewear and eyecare centre that serves absolutely everybody.

Would you describe the technological elements that, in your opinion, led your store to win this coveted award?

Priyanka Dedhia, the owner, is an optometrist and it is her that truly brings in the skills that mark the store as different from all others. We provide many innovative eyecare services like low vision aids, customised eyewear construction technology (3DNA), myopia control technologies, sports vision, paediatric vision care, customised surgical loupes for doctors who fly from all across Asia to us, etc.

We are a wheelchair friendly, pet friendly, child friendly, LGBTQ friendly store with 12-hour valet and pantry services. We are pioneers in eyecare as well as house many luxury and innovative eyewear brands.
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