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Indice has won the BESTORE DESIGN award.

May 13 2022

BESTORE is the competition held by MIDO to select the best eyewear stores worldwide. There are two award categories: BESTORE DESIGN, for stores which stand out in terms of how the lay-out, materials, design, furnishing and general atmosphere contribute to a must-try shopping experience, and BESTORE INNOVATION which evaluates all aspects linked to customer service, interaction with customers and suppliers, communication management, the history of the retail store and its professional, human and emotional aspects.
An international judging panel (comprising industry entrepreneurs, visual merchandisers, design experts and designers) has the difficult task of choosing the very best in these two categories.

These are flanked by the award YOUR BESTORE, in its second edition this year, a title which goes to the eyewear store which has received the greatest number of ‘likes’ on the digital platform of MIDO 2022 | Digital Edition.

Today we meet Giovanni Comotti and Nicolò Plebani, owners of the winning store in the DESIGN category: ’Indice’ of Cortina D’Ampezzo (Italy).

Why did you decide to take part in the BeStore Award?

MIDO is the most important trade fair in the world and the BeStore Award is one of the most coveted titles in our industry. We think we have created something special, and being able to “measure” it is one way to receive confirmation of this, and size up against the rest of the market.

Where did the inspiration come from for your eyewear store?

The desire to do something that defies all traditional norms for eyewear stores has always been a strong driving force. This is why we decided to concentrate our transversal passions and create ‘Indice’; a space where the product, layout and customer experience are all strongly linked and coherent.

What concept have you developed?

Our stores firstly highlight the innate characteristics of the property which we use, for example by reclaiming the floor and wall areas; the display surfaces, scenic design sets, and counter spaces are all custom-made by Italian craftsmen while the particular design elements come from our team comprising the experts Federico Tinti of Labzona and Alessandra Vigani. ‘Indice’ thus becomes an ideal setting for a special and assisted shopping experience where we propose our selection of some of the most important niche brands in the world such as Jacques Marie Mage, Chrome Hearts and Dita.

Which are your trademark design features?

Each ‘Indice’ store is enhanced by iconic and recognisable design features. Some details include: for lighting, the Pipistrello lights by Gae Aulenti or Taccia by Flos; for seating, the Terrazza sofas by De Sede and Camaleonda by B&B; and for materials, the briar-root of Sottsass used for the counter unit in the Cortina ‘Indice’ store.

Did you expect to win this coveted award?

As I said before, we think we have created something special but one’s own vision is not always appreciated equally by others. So, it was a truly great surprise!
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