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Movitra has big distribution plans.

September 22 2022
Movitra has started a process of expansion and revitalization for its global distribution.

In Italy, the brand secured partnership with Mia Burton Distribution in August. Founded in 2022, Mia Burton Distribution was born with the aim of distributing and promoting top-level eyewear brands and is already an official partner of Garrett Leight and Mr. Leight in Italy. The strategic step of adding Movitra into their distribution consolidates and expands Mia Burton's project, which, with its impressive online retailing platform, aims to become the reference point for consumers who require high-quality fashion eyewear and an accelerator of commercial synergies between the players in the sector.

"We are convinced that Mia Burton Distribution's experience and results in the eyewear sector, linked to the great professionalism of the team that represents them, are the winning card for successful distribution," states Filippo Pagliacci, Co-Founder, Movitra.

Extreme attention to detail, consistency and a relationship of trust with customers are among the keys to Movitra's success, and they are also the values ​​that inspire our approach to distribution," said Giacomo Galassi, Business, Head of Mia Burton, Distribution & Buying. "This kind of affinity is essential to start a project of brand curation that we propose to our partners. We are enthusiastic about the collaboration and for Movitra we are already developing a tailor-made commercial strategy that starts from the targeted selection of retailers in the Italian market, with the added benefit of detailed training in the concepts, values ​​and language ​​of the brand."

Movitra has additional plans to satisfy the growing demand for its new collection, which until now has been served primarily by the company's e-commerce. New projects for international distribution are set to be confirmed for the main markets France, UK, and USA this Fall/Winter, well in advance of MIDO 2023. To date, the brand is distributed in 12 countries around the world.

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