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The Mycare programme by Mykita offers a “second life” to old frames.

November 14 2022

At a time of year when many companies are offering discounts linked to Black Friday, Mykita is promoting two initiatives: on 25 November (Black Friday), it will close its online shop to highlight its mission of making things last longer, and launches Mycare, the project to regenerate the brand’s frames.

The programme will be active all year at Mykita shops and offers two formats: one free and one optional, fee-based service.

The free service includes:
Deep cleaning of the frame: the glasses are disassembled to remove the most stubborn residues and marks with an ultrasonic bath.
Replacement of small parts, such as nose pads and temple tips. Replacements are made where necessary.
Further adjustment of the frames to fit the wearer and for optimal vision.

The optional, fee-based service involves:
• Acetate frames may be restored to their original condition with a special polishing treatment to leave dull surfaces shiny again.

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