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SilviaFresco in Sansa

The key players at DaTE 2021: In Sana.

August 6 2021

DaTE, the international fair for avant-garde eyewear, will take place from Saturday 11th to Monday 13th September in Florence, at the Leopolda station. The event aims to be a strategic meeting opportunity, attracting companies which are known worldwide for their eyewear innovation and design, for their exclusive and selected products.

As the ninth edition of DaTE approaches, we have interviewed some of the key players.

In this  interview we meet Silvia Fresco from In Sana.

Shaping the avant-garde is the essence of DaTE. What form has your brand taken and how does it give shape to avant-garde innovation?

In Sana is the result of those choices, friendship, love, tunes, coincidences and impressions that shape the imagination and creativity of a designer who found meaning from a chaos emerging from complexity, curiosity, battles, celebrations and excitement during a stay in London. Through reflection and meditation, she started to discover the simple and unique shapes that now make up her first collection, Fase Exeo. In Sana is inspired by daring and life experiences, transformed into avant-garde sunglasses.

The materials are a key element of unique and original collections, while never neglecting the issue of sustainability. Which materials have you chosen for the DaTE 2021 collections?

The glasses are 100% made in Italy. Our local craftsmen in the Belluno region put their passion, dedication and experience into creating the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, using selected materials like stainless steel and/or high quality acetates, with perfect skill.

During our debut at DaTE 2021, we will present “Fase Exeo”: six models, three of which are made in steel and/or prestressed steel wire, two metal and acetate alloys, and one in ash wood. Some models have 3D-printed parts, which allow us to reduce waste material and control production methods in order to produce only what is strictly necessary.

Exclusivity, transgression, design. These are all concepts that have distinguished DaTE since its creation. Which one is most characteristic of your brand, and why?

Exclusivity, transgression and design are three words that all fully apply to IN SANA and its philosophy. Unconventional design in our glasses represents a new point of view, or (as we like to say) “a glance from the opposite direction”, breaking away from the industry competition.

Each collection is presented in stages, and each stage is unique in character, speaking its own language which comes from the experiences and daily challenges of the designer. In this way, we keep our design highly exclusive, without fear of being daring or experimenting, giving way to a new timeless stylistic code.

How does the Italian market perceive eyewear with a high level of design, focused on craftsmanship and high-tech?

There is a collective wish to maintain the strong “made in Italy” character of the brand despite widespread globalisation, and the Italian spirit is maintained throughout, both in design and innovation. In fact, the eyewear industry is constantly developing in order to establish high standards of creativity and innovation, maintaining the high level of craftsmanship and quality which has always distinguished our sector.

However, better support for new small companies is necessary. There are many factors which make economic viability difficult: many costs are the same for all companies, regardless of whether they are big or small. This makes it difficult for the smaller companies to find a place where they can make themselves heard and seen, evolving from an idea to an established brand.

One exception is DaTE, where young designers have the chance to make a name for themselves.
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