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Marco Barp

Tree Spectacles consolidates its global presence.

June 21 2022

Tree Spectacles is establishing a firm footing across Europe and further afield, with steady organic growth. Outside Italy, the Italian brand has grown its presence in Germany, Holland and Belgium with several top players in those regions of central Europe, and has launched with a new agent - in Poland in 2022 - a market where it sees particular potential for the years ahead. In France, the company is operating with three agents covering the complete country, while in their home market of Italy, the established network comprises a strong partnership with Vega Optical which has an outstanding team of agents located all over the country.

"Since early 2020, and through the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020/21, the company has been extremely satisfied with progress in terms of the development of our key markets, and the addition of several new ones, including the UK," says Marco Barp, Co-Founder, Tree Spectacles"We are also debuting this month in Australia via a distributor. We are extremely excited to have this opportunity and to bring our Italian collections to the other side of the world! The first event there for us (the O-Show in May 2022) has been a wonderful success; the market reacted immediately to our products with extremely positive feedback!".

The company reports a solid rise in orders post-pandemic surpassing expectations.
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