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Vanni treats itself to a new campaign and restyled website

September 18 2023

DaTE marked the launch of the autumn/winter collections 23-24 from Vanni and of the new campaign shot at the Esperia Club in Torino, one of the most illustrious rowing clubs. The club has a refined and exclusive style, remaining a no-frills location thanks to the fact that its members are athletes. Refined beauty with its feet firmly on the ground (or, in this case, “in the water”), just like the Vanni eyewear collections.

Renovation of the website

The new campaign was launched on a completely renovated website: the restyling is designed to make the eyewear more visible and eye-catching both for B2B partners and end users, highlighting the features of the product and taking the opportunity to enhance the identity and history of the brand.

The user experience has been improved; for each product, there are both product photos and images of the model actually being worn, a style description, technical details and a list of the complete colour range available.
An extensive menu at the top of the home page makes it easy to navigate between styles, materials or shapes, or by collection. As well as focusing on the eyewear, the company wanted to reveal its own world with sections dedicated to its 4 core values:
- VANNI since 1987
- Made in Italy, for sure
- Our exclusive acetates
- Our projects for the arts

To highlight the transformation into benefit corporation, a section has been specifically created to highlight the principles involved: social responsibility, transparency, sharing and sustainability. In this section, it is also possible to download the 2022 Impact Review.
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