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Waiting for DaTE 2022: Götti.

August 12 2022

DaTE – Shaping Avantgarde, the exhibition that presents the future of eyewear, awaits you from 10 to 12 September 2022 at Stazione Leopolda in Florence.

This unique location will host the most original collections from brands that share an ability to create, experiment, innovate and amaze.

As the 10th edition of DaTE approaches, we have interviewed some of the key players.

Today, we meet Sven Götti, Founder and CEO of Götti.

Why did you decide to participate in DaTE and what opportunities does the event offer you?
It’s the perfect time to present our latest collection in Italy. We are so happy to finally meet our customers at a show again.

What three adjectives do you think define DaTE?

Outstanding, networking-focused, not-to-be-missed.

What will you be presenting?

We are premiering our new collection for the first time in Europe. There are many new titanium models, solid acetate frames, a new 3D-printed collection and additional colours. We also have a few surprises and innovations for you.

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