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Waiting for DaTE 2022: Modo Eyewear.

July 22 2022

DaTE – Shaping Avantgarde, the exhibition that presents the future of eyewear, awaits you from 10 to 12 September 2022 at Stazione Leopolda in Florence.

This unique location will host the most original collections from brands that share an ability to create, experiment, innovate and amaze.

As the 10th edition of DaTE approaches, we have interviewed some of the key players.

Today, we meet Giovanni Lo Faro, CEO International of Modo.

Why have you decided to participate in DaTE, and what opportunities does this event offer you?

This is the future of fairs - organised with a clear identity and style, engaging for customers and easy for exhibitors thanks to a focus on brands and products. DaTE is an excellent opportunity to meet Italian customers and reveal a sneak preview of AW22 collections. DaTe is a fair that is more intimate and laidback than others, inclined to more informal meetings, while at the same time offering the chance to really examine things in depth, exhibit products up-close and reveal the brand and collection more precisely.

Which three adjectives best describe DaTE?

Defined, for a strong and clear identity Selective - only for brands and opticians with a certain style and personal approach, offering a special friendly atmosphere.

What will you present?

For Modo, the new models from the Bold and Air ranges, which explore this season’s new designs and colour codes. Our multiple award-winning technological solutions: of which we are very proud, and which won us a place in the ADI Design Museum of Milan, the only eyewear brand to do so, and the result of having being chosen as finalists in the Compasso d’Oro competition event.

With Eco, our new advertising campaign deveoped in-house, because we like to present a creative identity which remains coherent over time. And, of course, we will present new models in our 4 sustainable materials: recycled metal, bio-based plastic, ocean plastic and bio-acetate; also, we’ll be bringing our famous clip-ons.

This season we want to consolidate our assortment, adding new models to existing series which represent our trademark look and make us unique in the market precisely because of the breadth of our range.

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