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Winners of the CSE Award 2023: MITA.

March 3 2023

For some years now, MIDO has pursued the objectives of sustainability and company transparency. This commitment led to it being awarded ISO 20121:2012 certification, an international standard attesting to sustainable management of large events.

In fact, the Milan fair considers the reduction of environmental and social impact not only to be a simple necessity but a real duty; at the same time, MIDO also sees it as a duty to increase awareness by exhibitors, suppliers and visitors, sensitising and transforming them into sustainability ambassadors.

Among the activities introduced in this perspective, this year sees the arrival of the “zero” edition of the CSE AWARD - Certified Sustainable Eyewear 2023, an award created by MIDO in partnership with ANFAO and Certottica which assesses levels of sustainability in the international eyewear industry. An expert panel of judges evaluated the products that were entered in the contest, using specific criteria regarding their environmental and social impact and taking into account the entire life cycle of the product: recycling of materials, reduction of consumption in the manufacturing and distribution processes, enhancement of the supply chain, elimination of waste, level of recyclability, use of renewable energy sources, etc.

Six categories were judged: Sunglasses Europe, Sunglasses Rest of the World, Frames Europe, Frames Rest of the World, Cases Europe and Cases Rest of the World.

Today we meet the winner of the CSE Award Sunglasses Rest of the World: MITA.

The spokespersons are Nora Cabrera and Fabio Ferracane, founders of the company.

How has your commitment to sustainability developed?

After working for conglomerates in the eyewear & fashion industry for over 25 years, we decided to create MITA Eyewear to reshape the eyewear industry. We believe that the process toward a sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion industry is behind schedule, and now is the time to take charge. Our commitment to protecting our planet informed the framework and conceptualization of MITA from day one. Before we even decided on a name, our dedication to sustainable fashion was our guiding light. MITA was born from a driving force of creating the kind of exciting new sustainable styles we want to see in our community, but with the dedication to quality and perfection that Italy has set the standard for in fashion.

Why did you decide to enter the CSE Award?

We entered because we believe in our eyewear line, made from eco-friendly, sustainable, recycled & recyclable material, from recycled water bottles, recycled aluminum, and recyclable titanium to sustainable lenses and nose pads. We use the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques to make beautiful frames that will be treasured for a lifetime. Our offering provides a wide variety of designs, temple shapes, lenses, colors, and textures - keeping in touch and updated with current fashion trends - which made a huge difference in achieving 1st place in the sustainable sunglasses award.

Did you expect to win?

We were very excited about the possibility of our work being recognized globally, and we believe in our quality and process, so we were hopeful.

Which eyewear won?

The winning sunglasses were BOCA, a sophisticated uniquely beveled style made with recycled water bottles and finished with sustainable sun lenses.

What are its technical and aesthetic features?

This sculpted structured model features a geometric oval shape, our newest temple design, beveled edges, and zero base lens,  all enhanced by MITA's Iconic metal details. The style is available in three color combinations, matte black featuring gradient green lenses, shiny grey featuring gradient brown lenses, and shiny clear navy blue, featuring gradient smoke lenses. Lens Width is 55 mm, the temple length is 145mm and the bridge width is 18mm.

What are the reasons why you won?

All of our eyewear is made from upcycled recyclable materials, following our reshape philosophy. It all starts with our collectors, small business owners, who provide for their families by collecting recycled water bottles and aluminum from urban centers - where the most plastic waste is. From there, we recycle this material using a low-carbon footprint process. With that, this waste that would come to landfills or pollute our oceans becomes seed capital and raw material for our high-quality eyewear. Our packaging is also made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials, from biodegradable poly bags to recycled polyester pouches and cleaning cloths, and FCS paper bags. All of our product is recyclable at the end of their life. MITA is committed to giving back to the community, providing work by hiring collectors of plastic and waste in local communities to provide for their families. Our products are produced offsetting an 80% smaller carbon footprint, and each product sold plants a tree in an effort to reach carbon neutrality.
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