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Sustainability and artisanal intelligence: trends at MIDO 2024

Sustainability and artisanal intelligence: trends at MIDO 2024

Environmental sustainability is now a necessity and a lens through which the latest trends are viewed and interpreted: “The most pressing challenge today is to create timeless accessories, crafted with green materials or certified when of natural origin, and, above all, able to last over time,” explained journalist Alessandra Albarello, who unveiled the industry’s coming trends.


Also among the key topics is artisanal intelligence, hand-craftsmanship supported by cutting-edge technology – natural materials enhanced by processes that transform the surface with satin or rough, ice- and glass-like effects that produce tactile, sensory finishes.


Alchemies and experimentation intersect with historic periods in a return to the classics, to the solidity and authenticity of raw materials. Eyewear takes on a talismanic energy, accessories to be kept and passed on.


Shapes are thin yet ample or bold and compact but crafted to be lightweight, comfortable and strong, through special techniques and innovative materials, without forgoing functionality, for eyewear that visually express the confluence of artisan tradition and cutting-edge technology.


Time-honored, versatile colors make a comeback, or neutral shades with the halftones of grey and grey-green, while colors inspired by nature contrast with saturated colors – vivid, “spiritual” and warm, along with matte finishes and unexpected alchemies that create unique nuances. Light becomes a basic constructive element of eyewear through transparent or translucent materials that create faceting and pop prisms.


Shapes and thicknesses are big, almost sculptural, and coexist with an osmotic tendency toward dematerialization, fluidity, transformation and chromatic transmigration.


Identity and personalization are also of key importance and are expressed through the logo, that becomes an emblem to narrate the history of a brand, and accessories, especially chains and charms, which become jewels and necklaces.


Inspirations are anything but trivial and reveal thoughtful cultural research ranging from art to design, architecture to fashion and jewelry, from cinema to sports, with poetic, romantic allusions. Eyewear trends are focused on substance and the inherent value of the product, for a new concept in luxury.