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Quoise Eyewear

In London, Quoise Eyewear explains the importance of recycling plastic materials.

May 26 2022

“More creativity and less material... or plastic!” This was the conclusion that emerged from the talk Urban Retreat, organised in Chelsea, in the heart of London, by the association Leaders First which supports business expansion abroad. One talk was given by Stefano Lanzi, co-founder of Quoise Eyewear, the Italian start-up that has decided to make a contribution to making the seas and oceans trash-free. Quoise highlighted the importance of investing in development of products that are a real alternative to waste, in order to protect the oceans and seas. This commitment has a price, but “we must not look simply at the short-term” specified Lanzi. It is in the medium- to long-term that we can enjoy the results of acting in a sustainable manner also, and especially, in the fashion world.

Just one statistic out of many: of all the plastic produced worldwide since the Second World War, only 7% has been recycled. Producing glasses from new plastic, Quoise explained, would cost less than collecting, washing and treating the plastic thrown away, but can any price be put on the future of our world?
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