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Sea2see has earned the prestigious B Corp certification.

January 27 2022
Five years after creating the first "seastainable" eyewear brand, Sea2see's François van den Abeele has announced that the company has obtained the B Corp certification. This certification is world-renowned and is awarded to companies that meet strict standards of social and environmental performance. The rigorous process requires that a company answers over 300 detailed question on governance, workers, communities and impact on the environment and is highly valued as a recognition of good business practice, accountability and social and environmental proactivity.

Companies who receive the Certification are required to undergo verification every three years, by demonstrating ongoing positive impact.
In a statement, Sea2see's Founder Van Den Abeele said: 

“We are proud to say that we are a certified B Corp, which for us means being part of a movement that isn’t competing to be the best in the world, it is competing to be the best FOR the world. This certification represents a tremendous step for us as we mark our 5th anniversary and reflect on our progress to date. The B Corp™ Certification reinforces our "seastainable" mission and purpose for our whole community around the world...
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